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Medals so far

1. Australia g7 s4 b6 t17
2. England g4 s6 b4 t14
3. Canada g4 s5 b5 t14
4. Kenya g2 s2 b1 t5
5. India g1 s1 b0 t2
6. Bahamas g1 s0 b1 t2
7. South Africa g1 s0 b1 t2
8. St Kitts and Nevis g1 s0 b0 t1
9. Jamaica g0 s1 b0 t1
10. Malaysia g0 s1 b0 t1
11. Nigeria g0 s1 b0 t1
12. Northern Ireland g0 s1 b0 t1
13. Ghana g0 s0 b1 t1
14. Namibia g0 s0 b1 t1
15. United Republic of Tanzania g0 s0 b1 t1
16. Wales g0 s0 b1 t1

New Zeland: 0
Jeez, Miche! Wales is beating you!

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