Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Driving long distances is boring, so stories come to me.

Yesterday I discovered the back-story to the sentient ships and why Mike is a lot smaller than the others.


The crew of The Ielfet meet a vindaloo beast and move an iceberg. This story has been a work in progress for ages. Now I can see how to finish it. Effie obtains a self contained body, Brentford is injured, and they end up on the Wolfen planet to once again meet Remmy and Sofie.

Shadey hasn't given me any new furry stories. He's at his parent's house recovering from his broken wing. At the moment he's sitting on the edge of a swimming hole after doing his physio excersises, and being pestered by some young water rats who want to get the leeches off him. Actually, there might be a story in that on its own. Hmmmm, I say.

Mavrik hasn't given me any new stories either, but the dragon is hassling me over re-writing all his stories to post on Epilogue. I should do that soon. After the Road Trip.


Last night I slept in azhreia's spare room, which is also occupied by a fish called Rabies. He doesn't sing but he does spit gravel at the glass so I'd feed him. The ceiling of the room is covered in glow-in-the-dark stars. I had the feeling someone had whacked me on the back of the head after I turned the lights out.

I bet it was the fish

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