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Fragment of an unwritten story

"And then you must slay the dragon to recover the Sword Of Mithdark!"


"And with that sword... what?"

"Why kill the dragon? I have nothing against it."

"How will you get the sword?"

"I dunno. Maybe I could ask for it."

"Where's the Challenge in that?"

"Challenge? Bugger that! I bet the dragon is bored out of its mind guarding a stupid sword."

"Uh... "

"And I reckon it'll be pissed off at all these people trying to kill it. How about I just ask it for the sword?"

Well, I suppose- NO! No that is just totally wrong! You can't just complete a Quest by ASKING for the item!"

"Why not?"

"It's the rules!"

"Not my rules mate! I'm off to have a chat to the dragon. Seeya."

"Hang on- No, wait!. Come back! Oh sod it all. I'll be pissed off if he does get that bloody sword."

( the result of an IRC discussion about cliched stories.)

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