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So far...

So here I am In Melbourne at azhreia's place. Dubbo to Canberra went as well as could be expected. It was considerably wetter in Canberra than I expected, but then Dubbo ( and 75% of the state) are in a drought. Dubbo is cold and brown, Canberra is cold and wet.

Nothing happened on the trip, which is nice. The road is as crap as ever. I notice the pot hole between Booroowa and Yass has moved about 50 km down the road. If you ever drive on that road you'll see it's good except for that one pot hole. The trouble is, the pot hole is about 210km long now and is growing.

Canberra was cold, but not that cold. 10C, but everyone looked like they were setting out for the Antarctic. There was a little rain, and it had that little tingle that said "I used to be a snowflake", but come on! It wasn't that cold.

I visited the new National Museum and spent 4 hours there without seeing everything. It's excellent and has a nice cross section of Aus. I didn't take any photos inside, but I should have if only to show the architecture. I'd like to know what the builder said the first time he saw the plans. It's a damn good museum. Go and see it. And look at the stuff inside too. that's great mate.

Lunch inside was a bit expensive. I almost bought an egg-and-bacon pie until I discovered they were quiche. My order at the counter went sort of like this:

Me: One meat pie please.
Her: What flavoure gourmet meat pie would you like?
Me: Meat.
Her: We have chicken and potato, bacon and mushroom, and beef.
Me: Beef. Anna sausage roll. And coffee.
Her: Capuccino, latte... uh. Flat white?
Me: Flat white. Thanks.

It was all right. Not quite as good as the Villiage Hot Bake pies, but as good as a Tasty Tummy Teaser pie.

I wandered through the give shop looking for something with an aboriginal bat motif, but they didn't have any. Then the muzak changed to Rolf Harris singing Road To Gundagai and wobbing his wobble board on every syllable. Time to bail.

I ended up at the War Memorial. As well as the walls full of names of those killed in every war, they have artifacts from the various wars. There is a new section on the Boer Woer. I voted "No" on "Should Morant and Hancock have been executed in 1901?"

Another new section has planes on sticks, and the remains of one of the Japanese minisubs that attacked Sydney in WW2.

I met Val&Dac at 5ish, and we headed off to Ramas for a curry with Mique, and Knees+SO. I was a big girls blouse and went for a mild, everone else had "stupidly hot" or "Napalm," while Mique as usual went for "Volcanic with Sulphuric Acid." I'm sure his taste buds were shot off in Panang during the Malay Uprising. Everyone drank wine, except for me. I drank beer: Crown Lager.

I might be uncouth, but I'm not a bogan.

I'm really glad I went for the mild, too. Today is the first post-curry day where my bum doesn't feel like the map on Bonanza.

I left Canberra this morning and headed south, pausing briefly to laugh at the Macdonalds sign in Yass that looks like MYASS. I also paused at Holbrook to take a photo of the submarine HMAS Otway as it broke through the storm-tossed surface of Germanton Park. I see they have added a sign to the model of the WW1 sub B11 (which was erected to commemmorate Capt. Cooks landing at Botany Bay) to explain more of it's history.

Not much more to report. The Road Trip isn't over yet

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