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Hardly Normal

Went down to Hardly Normal to see if they had any cheap games and such for their end-of-year sale. They didn't. of course. It was all electronics and whitegoods that were on discount, not the good stuff.

I mentioned to Steve if he had any cheap RAM going. They had 256MB DIMMs for $250, but he said he could do it for $210. I said ok. So he pulls out all but the last packet of DIMMs and starts sorting through them, looking for a 256MB module. He paused, picked up the lonely packet still in the cabinet and looked at it. "Will this do?" he asked. It was a 256MB stick with $179 on the label.

"What's wrong with it?" was my first question. Nothing, apparently. It's been in there a while and probably got buried as the new stuff came in. I bought it.

It works with the 64MB dimm that came with the mobo. Does the 300MB RAM snoopy-dance I might give my old 32MB stick to my brother.

Pity there wasn't another cheap stick in Steve's cabinet. I can't afford it but at that price I'd have to.

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