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crowded house

A friend is shifting house because she can't stand living in her's since her violent ex staged a home invasion one night and terrorised everyone. Since then, she and the 5 kids have been sleeping on the floor here. Of course, it didn't help last night that the scumbag came here and beat my brother up, then accused us of stealing his family and turning them against him. He broke an Apprehended Violence Order so he goes to court on Monday. More later after the legalities are done.

So to show the kids that things are back to normal here, tonight I stood on a chair and growled yish noises into the air conditioning duct until they ran out of the bedroom. One of the boys (aged 7) lost his tooth and was telling me the tooth fairy would be coming tonight. I told him the truth. "The tooth ogre will kill a tooth fairy and leave the body under your pillow."

I expect the tooth fairy will leave 50c instead, much to Alan's disappointment.

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