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The wedge-tailed eagle whose wings I helped repair was released into the wild in the Warrumbungle National Park. On Saturday I'll be helping replace the tail feathers on another wedgie. Tails aren't so critical are soaring quills so this one will be easier.

This afternoon the power went off briefly, followed 5 minutes later by a phone call from H telling me a flock of galahs had flown into power lines, and they needed help. When I arrived there were 20 or so parrots walking around. They were all badly singed, and some were so badly burned they couldn't walk. We picked up as many as we could before it grew too dark. Two died as we caught them. I ended up with six in a box in my car. All up we rescued 12 birds. Most of them will die.

My car smells of burnt feathers and blood.

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