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Bat Matters

The six freetails from Mogriguy are starting to look a bit thin, which is understandable when you consider they haven't eaten anything for 9 weeks. They are very sluggish when I look at them. I'll try to feed them when they come out of torpor.

Xena jumped on my hand last night and sniffed around looking for food. I think I've been forgiven. I have no doubt I could go back on her shit list in a second but it's nice to have her being frie- tolerating.

Last night I picked up Ysabeau for her feed, which takes ages and is a tedius job, but instead of the sleepy, stiff, cold, torpid animal of the last few weeks I found a warm bundle of energy. She scampered onto my hand and snuffled around before licking the at the worm smells on my fingers. She munched through a dozen small worms even trying to pick them up from the ground. She is trying to self-feed; an excellent sign.The usual go in a case like this is that within a week I won't have to handle the animal and it can just eat what I throw into the dish. Less handling is better for the animal no matter how much I want to pat them and squeeze them and call them George.

Ysabeau even flew from one side of the tent to the other. Looks like I'll have 2 for the flight room.


I can't believe I wore a tie yesterday. The Aasterix one again. Asterix will protect me.

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