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That went as well as could be expected pt2

Had an interview at KNet.

The office in on the 4th floor (US5th floor) of Oliver House - Dubbo's only building with more than 2 (US3) floors. We chatted, Mr Kanage pointed at the blue 10baseT twisted pair cable going into a printer. "Identify that." So I did. "Tell me how to take out a hard drive." So I did. "Tell me about ISDN." and so on.

after a while he said I was sketchy in the network side of things bat was hireable. Unfortuneatly there were no jobs in town, but Young Steve (who I used to work with a Dodgy Brothers Computers) and Scott (who I've known for ages) gave him a good report about me so he wanted to meet. There *is* a job at Orange but I'm not that desperate yet.

So here I am, drinking Jim Beam Black Label. mmmm.

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