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Bloody connection

So my ISP's connection to the outside world is back. I don't know what happened. The modem would connect to the server, I'd be shown as logged in and online, and that was it. Nothing coming in or going out. No email even. It was like there was no connection between the local server and Sydney.

Of course, Ozemail won't admit to anything or credit anyone a day's lost connection. Oh no! It was just One Of Those Things. But it makes it hard to do an online uni course when there's no fucking connection.

I see Internode noe do ADSL here. I wish I had the dollars to connect. They have exactly the same pricing and MB caps as Telstra, but you don't have to sign an 18 month contract.

* * *

My car is up for registration and insurance. $250 for rego, $460 insurance, $190 for compulsory 3rd Party insurance. The mechanic checked the Camry over for a road-worthy certificate ($9, compulsory) and said "You need 2 front tyres before I can certify it, and the boot around the left CV joint is buggered." Two tyres later ($290) and the car is up on the hoist having a new rubber boot packed with molybdenum grease ($fuck-knows) fitted around the CV joint.

At least he found that problem before the CV joint became damaged. Replacing one of those is expensive.


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