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A new book of old maps

Today I found on remainder a modern reprint of an atlas produced in 1850. It's a map of the known world, by John Tallis & Son. If you want to see your bit, let me know and I'll scan it.

Speaking of scanning, in my last entry I mentioned old maps. They're too big to scan in their entirety so I scanned the bit that shows Dubbo. Or, in one case, where Dubbo is going to be. One also has a map of Sydney in 1823.

In 1823 this (below) was it. Parramatta, which is a suburb of Sydney, was a 2 day ride away. At the top of this map is Dawes Point, one of the points the Harbour Bridge would start from. To the right of Dawes Point is Macquarrie Fort, where one day the Opera House would stand. You can see in that rather bad scan a T-shaped building with "Governt." underneath. That was Government House, where the Governers lived. In the 1990s excavations for a new skyscraper uncovered the foundations. You can still view them.

In 1823 the area I live in looked like this (below). Bathurst (lower right corner) was the regional centre. The town of Wellington Valley was a convict settlement, which provided labour for the settlers at Montifiore and the Government Station at the junction of the Bell and Macquarrie Rivers. Today, the three settlements have merged into Wellington. At about the 'N' of 'Navigable for large boats' a bunch of farms would turn into Dubbo. In 1960 the town of Burrandong would disappear under 70 feet af water as Burrendong Dam filled. "Box & Apple," "Blue Gum," and "Cypress" are tree types.

The maps of 1861 are a little more professional, with rivers printed in blue. Dubbo is finally marked as a town, and the Erskine River is in the process of vanishing from the maps as the course of the Talbragar is finally plotted. This map also marks the paths taken by the explorers of the time. You can see Dixon's Track of 1838 marked, and part of Oxlety's Track of 1814.

I love old stuff.

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