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ah, bugger

My new drip filter 10 cup (or 5 dencup) coffee maker doesn't make the coffee hot enough. I still have to nuke it it the microwave. I'm a bit upset about that.


Interview with KNet at 2pm today. The open position is in Orange, but they'll be hiring locally later. I don't want to go to Orange. I did Orange for two years. It's a horrible small town with sub-zero winters and crap pubs.

Admittedly the cook at The Metro is entertaining. My Mate The Legend laughed himself silly when the cook saw our orders and shouted from the kitchen "The want WHAT?! OYSTERS? I just put the fucking oysters away! No! We are OUT of oysters. AH FUCK! STEAK! You have GOT to be FUCKING kidding! AAAGH! Fucking STEAK! I just took it all downfuckingstrairs!"

His people skills were crap, but he did a nice steak and chips.

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