Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Essay assignment

My back is killing me. the lecurers have kindly given me an extention on my assignment due tomorrow, so I now have until Monday.

Which is nice.

I can do writing and research in small amounts. Here's the abstract for an essay on censorship.

Censorship On The Web - Australian Government Content Regulation Of The Internet
Den Whitton 2002

Abstract: On 1st January 2000 a bill by the Australian Government came into force to regulate content on the Internet in much the same way as movies, television and offline publications are regulated. The bill was enacted to protect the children from pornography and other unsavoury things, and made Internet Service Providers responsible for the content of customer's web sites on their domain. The effectiveness of the content regulation bill is seen as a success by the Australian Government and as an abject failure by everyone else in the Internet community, and has brought international condemnation and ridicule from civil rights groups and IT publications.

I was hoping to chat with the World's Only Goth Lawyer but I haven't seen him online lately.

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