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The neighbour's cat must have been in the yard last night and slept on the bonnet of mum's Camira. Nothing else leaves dents like that. I've asked them to keep it locked up; it stresses Scruffy and keeps the postmen away. We lost a good postman last week. I'm a bit peeved because he had finally worked out that there's fewer house numbers on one side of the street than the other, due to the curved nature of the road. The neighbours should put a more substansial sign on their gate: the current effort in cardboard and markers is falling apart. And I'll warn the new postman that the sign that says "Beware Of The Leopard" is a real warning, and not a reference to Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.

Lunch with Trent. He threatened to send his minders around to discuss me telling Brittany to ring him. Then he ordered a lamb curry.

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