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The Stairs With The Sky

The stairs with the lady of the sky are one,
this one is sure that everything here,
of that one flashings is the gold and buys stairs with the sky.
If to get here,
if all the memory with a word is closed to know,
the end to stop on that it can for, that came.
Ooh, ooh and purchases stairs with the sky
It has an indication in the wall,
but it would wish to be certain that
' the cause projects them to the times inside in has two significances.
In a tree of the current it has a bird of the song,
that one that sings,
to the times very that our thoughts are misgiven.
the Ooh commands to the miracle,
Ooh, he sends miracle to him.
Sensitivity has one,
that one at that unemployment arrives,
when I observes in the west and the walked mine of the alcohol,
the end to go.
In my thoughts I saw the ring of the tobacco of the trees
and the voices of those, even maintain.
the Ooh commands to the miracle,
Ooh, he really sends miracle to him.
Bisbiglia and he, of who soon,
if we who whole air of the call then more when piper,
of that compiamo, the end when conclir.
And a day will be taken again to,
those will be kept by much hour and the forests give the form to the echo with laughter.
If hedgerow has a movement inside of her,
the hour not alarm, he is sufficient force that motivates clean for the May queen.
You inform to possibility two, to go you you can on the other hand,
but immovable length the hour before, to the way the end to change it in line is.
And it sends miracle to him.
Its Hauptwhirrs and does not disappear, if you it to not knowing,
when piper more invites them,
to connect the dear lady you can feel the wind to have the ignited effect and could do your lies to him of the stairs in the wind of the whispers.
And then to the lowest superficial way that our colors roll ignited ignition,
that one they we are greater of our heart.
here you and lady we who all the sap,
of that grad for the white light of the man of mostr lúcido and like ev', rything to be always,
gave return to gold.
And if the felt very hard, this air to come finally to him.
If they are all all and with the relative a cliff and a balance are not.
Stairs of purchase one of and with the sky.

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