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The slash on my wrist has stopped bleeding

Which is nice.

The doctors take ages looking for veins in my arm, and the falcon in the freezer manages to open them accidentally. Those birds have really sharp talons.

reads what he wrote Yeah alright, that probably sounds pretty weird to most of you, me having a raptor in the freezer, waiting Kato-like to leap out and attack unexpectedly. I don't think the others would be surprised.

I have several falcons, actually, and some goss-hawks, a hobie, a pied stilt, 2 tawny frogmouths, 3 wedge-tailed eagles, a kestrel, 6 flying foxes and a large number of insectivorous bats. It's a part of being in WIRES THe Australian Museum requires them for study.

The freezer also stores raptor and snake food, such as rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs. (sorry femakita)

It was the GPs wot brought me undone. HT has a little eagle who is thoughoughly sick of kangaroo tail so he threw a hissy fit. Acutally it was more a screechy, flappy fit. He refused to eat. HT asked for some GPs from the freezer. As I reached in I caught my wrist on a talon.

When I wipe the blood away I can see the cut running along my wrist between two veins. I'm probably very lucky.

It bloody hurts, too.

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