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"Want to buy some chocolate?"

That phrase is certain to get my attention, and will definitely kill the "Bugger off" that comes when I see vendors haning on my door bell.

This afternoon the bell was rung by a pair of kids who couldn't have been more than 17 years of age each. "Want to buy some chocolate?"

Of course I said yes, and bought some large bars of Cadbury honeycomb crunch for $2 each. As they gave me my change it ocurred to me to ask who the fundraising was for.

"It's for our band so we can get a gig." He told me their name but I can't remember what it was. The band is a typical 4 peice (2 guitars, a base and drums) and they're raising money so they can get their flyers printed. I asked about the music they played. "Rock, indy, punk, goth... anything really. But not techno!"

Which was the right answer. I bought an additional super-sized freddo frog.

Every garage band needs help. I hope when they're as famous as Silverchair, they remember the short fat bastard who helped them get their gig.

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