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A rather heavy late Autumn shower is falling as I write. I can't see the storm cloud from where I sit; if I look out the office window I can see bright blue sky through the drops. The house has a tiled roof but the patio is covered with colour-bond aluminium sheets. The rain is causing a natural white noise as it hits the metal.

I grew up with this sound. The old farm house has a corrugated iron roof and any rain storm drowned conversation. We had to turn the telly off and just sit and listen. The power supply was so dodgy we were often left in darkness during a blackout. The nearest streetlights were 60km away, and we were 5km from the sealed road.

There is nothing better than laying in a warm bed during a thunder storm with absolutly no noises from human civilisation, electric or mechanical, to disturb the sounds of the wind and the soft shushing of the rain.

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