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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around the World in 80 Beers Episode 202: Mudgee Mud Imperial Stout
Mudgee Mud Imperial Stout

Pours a deep, opaque black. The head is large, tan, and made up of very fine foam. No carbonation visible.

First sip: Sweet, strong dark malts, with a little dark chocolate. Very mild hops which linger on the back of the tongue for ages. Fine carbonation tingle on the tongue. Very warming in the belly.

Ooh I do love this stout! Like many English beers, this one does taste better when allowed to warm a little in the glass. It does not need to be chilled to be enjoyable. It is very much a "cold winter nights in front of the fire" beer, but I would drink it any time. Oh hey look at the time! It's winter, almost night, it's a bit chilly, and I have a fire. Excellent.

Mudgee Mud Imperial Ale
Mudgee Brewing Co, Mudgee, NSW
8% alc/vol
750ml bottle (= 5 standard drinks)

Mudgee Mud Imperial Stout

Same again, sir? Oh so very yes!

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