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Pain in the neck

Back from the physio. The assessment took 30 minutes, and involved lifting, turning, and rotating my right arm to work out what the limits are.

Physio: "Tell me when this hurts."
Me: "argh!"
Ph: "Okay, what about-"
Me: "ARGH!"
Ph: "Now, what about this?"
Me: *whimper*

She is 90% sure the problem is bursitis. (5% arthritis, 5% capsulitis, if you're wondering about the other possibilities) She said an ultrasound would confirm it, but she didn't want to order one unless she thought a shot of cortisone was required.

And then she gave me a massage on the muscles around my right shoulder blade. It was very, very painful. I said "Ow" a lot.

Me: That really hurtOW! What are you doing?
Physio: I find the muscles that are tight and press down on that point until the fibres relax.
Me: Argh.
Physio: They are called Trigger Points. Does the pain radiate to other areas?
Me: No, just where you are presSING!
Physio: Wow. This is a lot of trigger points.
Me: IIIIS that a bad thIIIING?

It was not a good thing. I have been given a bunch of exercises to do, to strengthen my shoulder and back muscles. And lots of Ibuprofen.

*Lots* of Ibuprofen.

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