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Adventures with the Internets

NBN went down 5pm. Saturday, last week. I turned the modem off and on again - that didn't work. So I turned it off for an hour and turned it back on. Nope. Too late to ring Telstra. Still no connection Sunday morning so I rang telstra. Unhelpful tehnician was unhelpful - he got me to turn it off and turn it on again. Still no connection. So he organized an NBN tech to look at the connection. The earliest time: between 1pm and 5pm. In 5 days on Friday. I expected he will test all the house connections first (they worked until Saturday afternoon.) Then he will turn the modem off and on again. Then he will actually work on the problem. I also expected the problem to self repair before he gets here. So, no internet or landline until then. Buggerit.

In the meantime, I discovered the problem is definitely in the FTTN box. Dad's internet and both his neighbours nets were down. The bad news is Dad's neighbours are OAPs and now had *no* phones. Dad is also an OAP but he is more tech savvy and has a mobile, so mum and dad were not isolated.

Whatever the problem that took out many local connections on Saturday was resolved on Monday, and I had a nice, fast, and stable connection, and so did Dad and his neighbours. Until Wednesday afternoon. When it stopped again. I called Dad to see if he had problems (nope, just me) So I called Telstra, again, to resolve the new problem. This time i told the tech about my previous calls and what I had done (ie turned it off and turned it on again) and she said "So what I want you to do... (long pause) You know what? I'll skip the trouble shooting and escalate it up to the next level." I bet she was about to ask me to turn it off and turn it on again, then realized what she was about to say. So later the Next Level tech rang and started to question me about cords and cables etc, and I was getting frustrated.

"Look, It has worked since it was installed," I said quickly, "And then it didn't, and I have not touched anything!" I might have sounded a little... grumpy. He said he would run more tests and someone would call back tomorrow.

Thursday, the modem had a full set of green lights. YAY! then at 3pm the connection died. Red status and internet lights, no landline phone. Again. So I called teltra. again. And the trouble shooting did not help. again. And it was escalated to the next level. again.

Still dead Friday morning. So I rang Telstra at 9am and got a very helpful tech who could not help. He asked me to do a factory reset, since that was the only thing we had not tried before. (Spoiler! It didn't help.) We got chatting while we waited for the modem to reboot and I mentioned it was a bit cold. He said it was a bit cold there, too. I had a sudden thought.

"Where are you? Where is your office?" I asked.
"Um. I'm in the Philippines."
"So, what temperature is it there?"
"That's a bit cold?"
"It's 10 here."
"What? Oh my God!"
"It might hit minus1 tonight."
"It hasn't rained since March."
(long pause.) "Where do you LIVE?!"

So in the end I will be receiving a new modem on Monday, courtesy of a techy who thinks I live in some frozen hellish wateland beyond civilization. Until then, I have a very iffy connection and a mobile phone I can turn into a wifi hot-spot I can connect to via laptop. Yay updating!

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