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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Dubbo Noir
Anything can happen at night when you're driving around the mean streets of the little city. Most nights, nothing happens. This was one of those nights.

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Nice soundtrack!
Looks like a lot of nice little shops. How late was it? What time do they usually stay open?

I heard the music and instantly thought "I know what I can use that for!"

Most small shops close at 6pm. This was filmed at 9.30pm, so all the pubs, cafes, and restaurants are open, but most shops have closed. If you need something you can always go to one of the malls until 10:30pm, or one of the 24hr service stations.

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Ah. Good to know.
Most chain stores here are open till 9. ( Later around Xmas.) Independents depend on what's around them. If most of the shops close at 6, well then...
A few big stores are open till 11, but not many. Mostly Walmarts.
Cafe's and Restaurants stay open late. Most Bars close at 2:30 or so depending on the State Liquor Laws.

Very nice music! I saw the credit flash by, but do you by any chance have a link?

Also, that seemed to be rather a lot of what should be fairly busy streets during the day, but I never saw a single traffic light. How does that work?

Kevin MacLeod does a lot of royalty-free music of all genres


There are traffic lights on the streets around the centre, but traffic on the main street is controlled by roundabouts, and general politeness. The traffic never moves very fast - usually 30-40kph even though technically it's a 50kph zone - so waiting for someone doesn't hold up traffic for long. If you need to go somewhere fast you take the street to the East (right on the video)

But dude, you're driving around on the wrong side of the street!

That's what Mako said! But you're both wrong.

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