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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 196: Jaxon IPA
Jaxon IPA

Pours a slightly cloudy* dark amber colour. The head is large and foamy, made up of extremely fine bubbles which fade away to a thick cap.

First sip: Lots of toffee malts with a faint hint of coffee. Mild hops taste at first, but it builds into a very long-lasting, almost pine resin hoppyness on the back of the tongue. Mouth-feel is medium, slightly creamy, and a little astringent, with a mild carbonation tingle on the tongue.

Oh, this is a yummy beer. It is perfect for hot Summer days. And, as I discover, hot Autumn days. I think this is the perfect BBQ beer, but I may be a little biased about this because I am using it to wash down a left-over sausage and hot mustard sandwich**. Like the Brewbacca last episode, I could easily smash a six pack of this - and then fall over because the wobbly boots get me*** - because oh boy does it go down easily. Even so, it is worth taking time to drink because the beer tastes better was it warms slightly in the glass - the malt becomes more prominent and you become used to the hops. It is very English that way.

Jaxon IPA
Badlands Brewery, Orange NSW
5.6% alc/vol
500ml bottle

*Or very cloudy if you pour in all the beer and yeast. Can't be Wasting Beer.
**Left over sausages from dinner last night. Not left-over sandwiches. Just wanted to make that clear.
***That's 3 litres of 5.6% beer!

Jaxon IPA

Same again, sir? Yes please!

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Well now, sounds like Oz is getting it's California hops on, this is Great news :)



We will have to Road Trip to Orange to attack this brewery.

As you know, I Don't Do Beer. But I'd like to try one of those sandwiches with smoked gouda on the side and a nice sharp ginger ale.

That sounds really nice!

Almost thou persuadest me to be a cervisophile. If anyone were up to the job, you'd be it. ;)

I know a couple of very good 0%-ers.

Actually, they are 0.05%ers because the equipment used to measure the specific gravity of ethanol cannot measure below that, so they can't list the beer as zero alcohol.

Or we can drink ginger beer. Which is nice.

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