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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 194: Heaps Hoppy Kiwi Pale Ale
Another brew from The Badlands

Heaps Hoppy Kiwi Pale

Pours a very pale, slightly cloudy amber The head is small and fades to a thin lacing.

First sip: Mild malts and citrus flavours almost overwhelmed by hops. The hops flavours are not overly strong but linger for some time. Mouth-feel is thin, slightly astringent, with a mild carbonation tingle on the tongue.

I was expecting the "WAH! HOPS!" hit of Sierra Nevada Torpedo , but no, this is quite mild by comparison. There is a lot of hops in it - Heaps hoppy! - but maybe the Kiwi hops are a milder variety. I wouldn't normally enjoy a beer like this...


It's 43C/110F degrees outside. THIS BEER IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. It goes down massively easily and provides hydration, nutrients, and sugars. This beer is GOOD FOR YOU. I am really, really enjoying this brew. I know the weather is affecting my judgement but I don't care. . I wish I had a six-pack.

Heaps Hoppy New Zealand Pale Ale
Badlands Brewery, Orange NSW
4.2% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Heaps Hoppy Kiwi Pale

Same again sir? Oh so very yes! Make them cold.

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Sign me up for that and I'll gladly sign you up for this:


A perfect Win-Win proposal! :D


So in summary...

...Kiwis can't fly, but they can hop!

(PS - It's b****y hot across the whole state. :( )

Edited at 2017-02-12 10:31 am (UTC)

There's a huge fire at Dunedoo. This cold change will help but it's still uncontrolled.

Thanks for reminding me. I'd better check that Pingu is ok (he's a volunteer for the RFS).

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