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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 193: U-Boat Lager

Another brew from my favourite microbrewery.

U-Boat Lager

Pours a slightly cloudy pale gold, with some carbonation visible. The head is medium and fades away quickly.

First sip: Strong malts and citrus up front, with a medium-strength grapefruit after-taste. Very mild hops linger on the tongue after the swallow. Medium and slightly astringent mouth feel. Slightly foamy carbonation tingle on the tongue.

It's 40C outside, and 32 inside under the evap a/c. I haven't had a beer for days. Also, it is a very yummy beer. This probably explains why a third of the glass vanished in the first sip. And it *is* a yummy beer. On a day like today I didn't want a heavy, warming brew. I needed something cooling, and U-Boat hit the spot. The label is right; one sip of this and I wanted to sink a schooner.

U-Boat German Lager
Badlands Brewery, Orange NSW
5.2% alc/vol
500ml bottle

U-Boat Lager

Same again, sir? Yes please!

U-Boat Lager

Don't mention the war
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