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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Just FYI, I have had an account on Dreamwidth for quite some time. Look for the username Den.

My LJ and DW journals are identical - I crosspost to both. I won't be closing my LJ, but you never know what the owners of LJ will do.

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*grumble* another site to follow */grumble*

OK, I set up an account over there (Smrgol) but have not figured out the equivalent of the LJ Friends Page yet.

I doubt I will give up LJ (as little as I post to it) as I have a Lifetime Account here.

The Reading page is the friendspage equivalent.

One thing that DW does differently from LJ is to split out "people whose posts you want to follow" from "people who you want to be able to read your posts". When you "subscribe" to a person's page, that means their public posts will show up on your Reading page. But you still won't see any of their friendslocked posts unless/until they give you Access, and vice versa. It's a nice nuance; I'll cheerfully subscribe to anyone who subscribes to me over there, but letting them read what I post under friendslock takes getting to know them better.

You find all that sort of thing on your Profile page, under Organize/Manage Circle.

You can also import your entire LJ to DW -- posts, comments, icons, filters, and all. That's under Organize/Import Content, and the first time you run it... well, you may want to start it before you go to bed. :-) But after that you can keep it current by just running a new import from time to time -- I do mine about quarterly, just to keep all the comments in one place.

I use Seamagic to compose entries because it has a "Post to multiple journals" feature.

LJ is still my primary journal. What you read here is mirrored on DW. I'm not quitting LJ any time soon.

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