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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Travel With Den
Photos, art
In which Den and Stephan travel to Orange for beer, cheese, good food, and a run to the top of Mount Canobolas. And they talk a load of rubbish for 90 minutes of video.

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There's a distinct lack of cheese and beer in this video :P

Shout out's to Foxaroo!



Porters, IPAs, Kolsch, and a porter spiced with Queensland vanilla and Vanuatu chocolate.

Pass the bottle opener and a fork, I'mma going in!

(Deleted comment)
Have a nice hot cup of tea and relax.

Mate, I have a lot of catching up to do! You've been prolific with the video lately. And I didn't see it in FB's wall so now I'm having to catch up here. :-) Thanks, I'll comment as I go.

I am more likely to post stuff here than on Faceache.

Hope you enjoy traveling with me. Again. 8)

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