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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Lexus Recall Part The End
My is is back, the fault is fixed. Although it wasn't really a fault that affected anything, it was just Lexus sorting out an issue before it became an issue.

The guy from Lexus turned up in a new top of the range IS350 to take me back to the dealership. He said I got away from him too quickly when I dropped the car off - I got a lift home in the new Camry hybrid, but he said he was prepared to loan me the IS350 for the day.

So YAY! for the lift home, but BUGGERIT for missing out on the new Lexus.

He also invited me to test drive any new model Lexus at any time. I said "Wow! Thanks! I'd really like to but I'm afraid I'd be wasting your time. I can't afford a new car at the moment." He said not to worry, just come for a test drive anyway. On the inside I was going

Have some calming clouds, filmed after an afternoon storm. (1 frame per 2 seconds, looking due east.)

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I test ride bikes I'm never gonna buy all the time, same with cars (Looking at you Mazda3 Speed! :)

Take the man up on the offer, seriously :)


I have, just now, received an email from Lexus to test drive an IS200t


And everything else on the lot they have as long as your there, Tell the dood you want to test drive 3 Lexii today and I promise you're going to be handed 3 sets of keys cuz that's how it goes :)


2 litre turbo? 2.5 litre hybrid? 3.3 litre V6?

Hmm... that's 3 sets of keys.

I'm in! Well, at least your Go Pro is in, so I can be in, or something like that :D


Aaaand I just received an invitation to test drive the IS300h hybrid.

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