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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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I received a letter from Lexus telling me there is a recall of all CT200h. They want my car tomorrow to inspect a plate in the fuel tank, and then I'll know it it has to go back for replacement or not. I hope not.

Have a calming sunset time lapse, except for a moment at 1:17. Suddenly, wattle bird.

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You live in a very beautiful place!

It's all a bit unkempt lately - too much rain, and nothing really dries out enough between storms.

Den, that is so tranquil!! I love it!!!

And at 1:45 you can see me put the garbage bins out. (bottom left corner, just above the fence.)

Funny! That is not so tranquil but I thank my lucky stars that we have a handyman do that sort of thing.

Camera eating bird failed to eat camera.... This time... :D

Maybe you will get a new car! :D

no such luck. I only get a new fuel pump suction cover.

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