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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Cheesy Comestible Score!
happy den
I hit Woolworths early, and found a bunch of cheeses in the "Reduced To Clear" fridge. So I cleared it out.

4 wheels x President brand double brie $3 each (was $8 each)
1 wheel x Flinders Estate Ash Brie $3.50 (was $9)
2 wedges x King Island Blue $3 each (was $6 each)

That's $45 of cheesy goodness for $18.50. These plus the block of Mainland Vintage makes my fridge smell like a dairy.

Phase 2: More beers.

Speaking of dairy, I also picked up a reduced-to-clear 2 litre bottle of Little Big Dairy chocolate milk. (Ingredients: Milk, Chocolate syrup, raw sugar.) Little Big Dairy is a local company who sell at the Farmer's Market. It's very good milk.

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I love the clearance pile....

Much nibbling in my near future.

Nice catch. But is it possible to have enough quince paste to go with all that?

Behold the power of CHEESE!

I wouldn't have taken any of those, not being a fan of moldy cheeses. But I'm sure there were some others which would have been to my taste.

The bries aren't moldy - and they won't be in the fridge long enough to get moldy.

Huh. Brie has always slotted into the same headspace as bleu/gorgonzola for me. Maybe it's just that it's strong-smelling...

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Who am I to dis a Brie
I cheddar the world and a Feta cheese
Everybody's looking for Stilton

Some cheese wants to be Bleu, too
Some cheese wants to be Buchette d'Anjou
Some cheese wants to be cubed
Some cheese will be braided by you

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Colby or Chevre, if you please
I ferment the milk and then I squeeze
Everybody needs penicillium

Mold is better, on the rind
Mold is better, leaves taste behind
Mold is better, cheese is confined
Mold is better, use my enzymes

Some cheese ought to be grated
No cheese should be ammoniated
Some cheese will always be hated
No cheese wants to be called rancid

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Casein and rennet curdle it with ease
Whey from the curds it eventually frees
The best cheese comes from Wisconsin

*APPLAUSE* That is brilliant!

I can't agree with the last line, though, but no alternative will fit the tune.

I wish I could say I wrote it, I just knew where it was on the web.

What a Friend We Have in Cheeses

What a friend we have in cheeses,
Cheddar, Brie, and Camembert!
How they often richly please us,
Cheshire, Gloucester, plus Gruyere!
O what joy with which we savor
Gouda, Stilton, Saint Nectaire!
All because we took to labor
Milk and rennet in our lair!
Have we chills and stark starvation?
Is the Winter's grip so tight?
We should never fear negation,
Look to cheeses each cold night!
Can we find a meal so faithful
That puts hunger all to flight?
Cheeses make us full and grateful;
Turn to cheeses each cold night!

Such a friend we have in cheeses,
Worlds of taste we can explore:
Loving arms each day to greet us
Humboldt Fog right at our door!
Meats and wines he'll put to pairing,
Parmigiano, then Beaufort!
After, with the sweet, so pleasing:
Gorgonzola, Roquefort!

This hymn in praise of cheese was composed during the mid-19th Century Great Culinary Awakening by Wilhelm Neumeier (1828-1884). The intention was to remind Europeans and Euro-Americans of the vital role played by cheeses in preserving milk as a source of protein during long, cold, hungry winters. Reference is made (2nd stanza) to cheese as a savior of life during the Middle Ages, but also (3rd stanza) to cheese as an enrichment of cuisine during the more prosperous modern era- part of a delightful evening meal with a loved one.

The lyrics were adapted by Joseph Scriven (1820-1886) to praise a less tangible kind of nourishment, specifically the psychological boost provided by the inspiration of long-dead religious leader who went by the name of "Jesus"

-John NewMeyer

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