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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Camera Mount part 1
Problem: GoPro goes flat during long time lapses in the car

Requirement: Need a way to mount the camera outside its housing so I can plug it into the car's USB power supply.

Camera Mount part 1

Camera Mount.JPG

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A few suggestions, minor and major:

a) What is the function of that nose in the top right corner of the 3D-view? Remove it?

b) Redesign to insert camera from top. Camera could no langer wander out of the housing due to vibrations.

c) Add a small hole in the side opposite to the insertion side. In case the camera gets stuck this will allow you to push out the camera with a screwdriver (or something less radical).

d) Add a weak, feathered lip with a hook/nose to the backside for better retention. Something like this
Slots added to configure spring strength.

I have a plan to keep the camera in - rubber bands! The little lip is to protect the lens from bumping glass, and to provide some sun shade now that the camera is no longer in its housing. Now that I think of it, a top loader means I could make a small lid with that shade.

I need to work on it more.

Rubber bands are a truely revolutionary concept. :D Glad to be able to bounce ideas back and forth. :)

That's cool! I've seen skeleton housings on amazon too.

Ah yes, but those are not ones I had fun designing and making.

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