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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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bloke genes
So Amazon.com.au only sells Kindle books. That's all; no cool electronic stuff, paper books, DVDs, CDs, clothing etc.

I figured new laptop, new NBN connection (24mb/s, nice! Much better than the old 1mb/s connection), why not try this Kindle ap thingy. I'll need something to read if I'm away. So now the Yoga has the Win10 Kindle ap, and I bought the "enhanced" version of The Hobbit - has colour JRRT drawings and a lot more pen&ink drawings - and Lord Of The Rings.

I now need all the Discworld books, and I'll have quite a lot of reading to do.

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Here in the States there are quite a few sites that list free and sale books that are available for Kindle. Google Books also lists things that have dropped out of copyright and can be downloaded.

If you need more things to read!

What do you mean "If" ?

My kindle currently has 475 books on it, i have paid money for about 50 of these, the rest were free downloads from amazon, including all HG Wells books which made me very happy. And everything CS Lewis wrote.

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