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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Tumulla Bank is the longest bank in the state with the maximum grade. There is a 1969 video of a pair of Garratts going up Fassifern Bank, which is as steep as Tumulla but only half the length.

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I love old steam and new steam. They are the only engines to have Manitou. I see it in them when they run and work. Modern day engines lack what steam has. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy the thrill of such magnificent machines regardless of their age and power.

BTW with most of my friends no longer on LJ, you keep me coming back to see what's new.

I haven't moved to other platforms because none of them suit my style of blogging - what little I do now - or don't allow commenting like this.

I have a face-ache account, but it's rubbish.

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