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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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6029++ is a fully restored Beyer-Garrett steam engine. It is the largest operational steam engine in the Southern Hemisphere. The Garretts were retired from operational use in the very early 70s and scrapped. 6029 took years to restore by a team of very dedicated volunteers.

6029 in Dubbo

On the out trip, the backup diesel was the lead engine.

6029 in Dubbo

6029 in Dubbo

Near South Bunyong Rd level crossing. The day was very wet and cold.

6029 in Dubbo

6029 in Dubbo

6029 in Dubbo

A 20 photo panorama created with Autostitch.

6029 in Dubbo

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That's one helluva rig Batty, great photos of an amazing machine, thanks for sharing them.


Built in Manchester! Though I somehow doubt it would ever have been able to run over here. =:P

You missed out on this:

Wow. What is the wheel spread on that?

(not sure I'm using the right term, i.e. 0-6-0 for a switch engine. 2-8-4 old standby american Loco.. etc.)

there are some old logging engines still running up here in Washington state; I should get some pics to post.. :D

I love it. Trains are cool.. we get freight trains and GO trains all through out the day. :-)

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