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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Dad Update
Tomorrow Dad flies to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and on Thursday morning he starts the bypass surgery.

I will drive Mum to Sydney tomorrow, and after a short break at Uncle Rod's we will visit Dad at RPA tomorrow night. The plan is to be at RPA on Thursday afternoon to meet Dad in recovery. Pete will stay home to look after the dogs and houses*, and on Friday or Saturday we swap - I drive to Dubbo and he drives to Sydney. At some point we swap again. Dad will stay at RPA for about 10 days, then it back to Dubbo for 8 weeks rest & recovery. It will be difficult to make him rest.

*A bunch of utter arse-holes have targeted this estate because they have decided they want other people's stuff. Yesterday a car was parked in front of our parent's house for a couple of hours. Mum drove here, then drove back with Pete. The bloke in the car was in the process of getting out, but when he saw Mum and Pete arrive at the house, he got back in the car and left. Pete rang the Police and gave them a description and number plate. I suspect the car was stolen; Pete said the passenger window was broken. About 1am last night the neighbours behind Mum's chased a "man in a hoodie" out of their yard. Apparently their rottweiler objected to the stranger. Tonight Polly went berserk at the back fence and put something >cat large over the top... the rottweiler objected again. We seriously do not want to have to deal with this shite at the moment.

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Continuing good thoughts for your Dad and all of you.

Sending good thoughts to your dad!

Ugh, how creepy!! Hope the police can get on top of that.

Healing and encouraging thoughts continuing, of course! But your dad is in good hands.

I wouldn't have expected Dubbo to have "urban" crime problems. I do hope the police can get this nonsense under control, and quickly!

Wishing you luck with all this.

Best wishes for your Dad's surgery and quick recovery.

Sorry you are dealing with utter yobbos around the neighbourhood. Maybe call police to do extra patrols?


Continuing good thoughts for your Dad.

Sorry about the security issues. Can you tighten things up with a few drop-in electronic security devices? Motion-sensing outdoor lights, etc?

That blows. I hope the rottweiler finds a limb or two. And that the police nab the individual(s) responsible. They can't be that bright if they failed to reckon TWO dogs, let alone people. GOOD thoughts for your Dad, Mum and Family. And a hug or three if I was there.

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