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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Here's something you don't see very often.


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It would have been nice to see 3801 on there, but she's undergoing boiler restoration.

Normally 6029 (the big articulated Garrett) would pull freight but she's Historic, so it's a lighter passenger consist for her.

By law, the steamers must have a back-up diesel attached. 5917 has 4490 as back-up. The 44 class were phased out in the 80s. 3642 (the green, main-line express engine)is backed up by 4001, which I have photos of a certain Foxaroo posing in front of. The 4000 class were phased out in the mid 60s.

The other back-up diesels are modern coal haulers brought in for the race.

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