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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Cardinal Pell

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Brilliant guy Tim is. Reminds me a lot of George Carlin around 1970 or so, only with mad musical skills added in to a most excellent mix.

I read a tiny bit on this Pell fellow, likely not enough to have a well formed opinion on him, but there's seemingly more than a whiff of evasion and dishonesty on his part.

Pell apparently did testify, unsatisfying it would seem, via teleconference. I have no idea what happens next...

The has US had horrible problems with priests abusing kids, I can only hope that has stopped, but there's no way to really know. It's terrible to know it is a world wide problem that's been going on for a very Very long time... :-/


Edited at 2016-03-06 02:01 pm (UTC)

Pell is ... ugh. I have no words. He didn't abuse kids, but he was in charge of bastards who did. In his testimony he said things like "I don't take notice of unsubstantiated allegations from random people."

We've seen the worst of the Catholic Church, and Pell represents what is second worst: The willful blind eye, and the belief that "He is a priest" equals innocence.

You guys have a major treasure in Tim.
His talent, and choice of subjects, is spot on.

Oh, that's brilliantly vicious! (And marvelously crafted - Minchin's got quite a way with words. But I don't think I've ever seen anybody play the piano barefoot before...)

Amen, and I'm not Christian.

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