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Den's Journal

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Australia Day Lamb 2016 | Commence Operation Boomerang

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The bit that made me laugh the most was "Totally not Copenhagen" and rescuing Princess Mary.

I mentioned this to someone and they said: Why do they eat lamb that day?
I asked them if they knew why Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

We generally eat lamb any day, but the Mean Marketing Board want to promote lamb. Australia Day is as good a reason as any.

I wish I could move down there.
Lamb is very dear here in the states.

That was great.
There's very little lamb in Denver, and it's very expensive.
It's actually just as expensive as kangaroo and yak.

That's just wrong. There is nothing better for dinner than a couple of nice lamb chops.

who the fuck can afford to eat lamb in Australia its like $30.00 a kilo in tassy, lamb has been off my menu for decades.

I buy the cheapest chops, and only the quantity I want. Cutlets are right out 8(

yes, when I finally get my BBQ im havjng cheap BBQ chops. 8-)

How ironic that all the lamb I could get at moderate rate used to be mostly from New Zealand and occasionally Oz. Now they are charging $30-65 dollars for an American leg and 12 q pound for chops and it's getting worse. 15 bucks for 12 ounces of stew meat. Are they insane? YES.

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