Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Hearing issues

The embuggerence is slowly going away. Improvement is slow and measurable by the volume of the TV. Before, I had the volume at 35. After, I had to have it at 85+ to hear anything. Now, it's at 40-45. Other sounds are coming back too - bird calls, the wind in trees, the distant train horn, rain on the roof. I can hear while I eat food, even chips. There is something going on in the left ear that made it sound like I am wearing industrial ear plugs, but that has almost gone and hearing improves. There is still a feeling of fluid moving in the middle ear but that is almost gone.

Right ear perforation is fixing itself, as it should. I continue to flood it with cyproxin once a day.

I see an ENT specialist on the 20th. to check on progress.

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