Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Since Friday the throat infection grew worse, with pain and swelling and a painful cough. I drank a lot, didn't eat much, and generally just lay around not doing a lot of activity. Yesterday my ears felt blocked up - the way they do when you have a bad cold.

4am this morning I had an incredible pain deep in my right ear. It hurt so much! And then it stopped suddenly with a pop. AH! Relief!

And then blood started coming out.

End relief, commencing worrying in 3...2...1...Worrying: commence!

Worrying swung from "CEREBRAL HAEMORRHAGE! I'M GUNNA DIE!" to "don't be silly, it's probably just a SPIDER IN MY EAR I WANNA DIE!"

Well, sleep wasn't going to happen, so I lay there and, to keep my mind from going crazy, composed a Discworld fanfic I probably won't write, and waited for 6am to roll up. 6.05am I was at the medical centre, and 10 minutes later the doctor was telling me I had a perforated ear drum.

Well, bugger.

Now I have packets of amoxycillian, ciproxyn ear drops, and a referral to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

What an embuggerance.

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