Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Die you filthy little biotic bastards 2

Twenty days ago I got a mild ear infection; some inflammation but no pain. The doctor gave me 10ml of Ciproxin "USE IT ALL" antibiotic ear drops. The weird thing is the infection caused the sebaceous glands to go mad and produce lots of ear wax, which I couldn't get rid of. I hate sticking things in my ear, like Qtips, due to the fear that I might push too far. So at some point one night a bit of wax stuck to my ear drum, and I was effectively deaf in my right ear.

The doctor prescribed a course of amoxcillian "TAKE THEM ALL" to treat the infection and waxsol to remove the wax. It was frustrating to go without an ear for nearly two weeks. Finally it was all undercontrol, and the doctor syringed the debris out of my ear. The process was really uncomfortable, an the sound of the warm water swirling against my ear drum was really loud. But the water drained out, and after a few bubble pops and crackles I could hear again.

In the meantime, everyone in the family was coming down with some nasty cold virus but my supercharged system held it off.

Or so I thought.

On thursday nigh the back of my throat was starting to send out little messages. "Guys guys guys! I don't want to be a downer or anything but I think that virus sort of thing might be, you know, here."

Immune system: "WHAT?! This means war!"

Brain: "Dude that might be a bit of an over reaction."

Immune system: "WAR!"

By Friday the sore throat went from the back of the nose right down to the bottom of my lungs, and I was having little micro dizzy spells if I stood. So I lay on the lounge and watched daytime TV (MASH, JAG, and Midsommer Murders) and drank tea with honey. I didn't even want to eat toast and vegemite.

Today I am much better. I still have a throat, but I ate toast and vegemite. According to the Victorian-era theory, if it hurts then it must be doing you good. The toast and vegemite hurt a lot but I ate it all. Because Vegemite, dammit.

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