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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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New Terms for the Media
Domestic Violence = Assault
Perpetrator of Domestic Violence = criminal
Honour Killing = Murder
Mass Shooting = Multiple Murders
Perpetrator of Mass Shooting = Some arsehole

Use "Some arsehole" instead of naming the killer. Do not show photos of the arsehole. Name the victims. "Some arsehole walked into a college in Oregon today and killed (list of names.)"

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Excellent choices sir!

What pisses me about that horrible situation is that the killer asked each one he shot if they were Christian or not.

And even then, shot only women -- according to a friend of mine who lives in the area and has been following this VERY closely. All the deaths are women, and all the wounded she's been able to find information about are women also.

This was a hate crime, but not an anti-Christian one.

The reports I'm seeing, the dead and wounded are *mostly* women.

I would agree with those terms. I hope they start using them.

A post from Dusty:

"NBC & MSNBC cite the same person saying exactly opposite things about whether the Oregon CC shooter asked people about their religion."

I would have said "terrorist" instead of "shooter", but that's just a quibble.

The arsehole was a terrorist, no doubt about that.

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