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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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(no subject)
I wonder which suit I should buy next?

I'm leaning toward "Camo."

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Skulls or Royal Blue for me!

Oh man… blue and silver both!
Envy! Deep envy!

Yeah, I think "Camo" is the best of 'em, but if they did a version of "Stars and Stripes" with seven-pointed stars and a Union Jack tie, I'd tell you to go for that one, too...

Taking off the price and fit limitations, and assuming I could get into even a "classic" fit (I'm the 'big' in 'Big and Tall', more accurately translated as "fat fscker"), I'd be kinda partial to the Rubix Disco. If all of them came in all fits, I'd seriously consider the Royal Blue; I could actually probably get away with that for things like Promotion Day.

I'm Big and Short, as in short fat bastard. "Slim Fit" does not work on me.

A mix and match of Stars and Stripes coat, dark bluelue pants, and a Union Jack waistcoat (under Other Products) would work as an Aussie Flag ensemble.

I'm partial to either Stars or Multi-Coloured Harlequin, myself...

I want to look good while hiding in a hedge.

Then you'd need a camo shirt, waistcoat, bow tie, socks, and shoes, and a camo hood to pull over your face. And then you'd probably get eaten by a dingo.


You and I are many things, but "Slim Fit" is not one of them :P


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