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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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The Da'esh War On Stone continues. Ruins which stood intact since Roman times have been blown up by a bunch of hypocritical, shit-licking pig fuckers, after they beheaded an old man who wouldn't tell them where the valuable statues were hidden.

They hate everything the ""West" represents, except for, you know, the weapons, medicines, phones, internet, computers, video cameras, cars, explosives, oil, money, electricity... They want to live the "pure" life their prophet lived. I would like to see that happen if there was a way to deny them any technology invented after 800AD.

Cowards and bastards, all of them.

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Assad and his disgusting wife should have stepped down and shot themselves to spare Syria.

If Assad truly cared about his people he would have stepped down. But, no. Let's wage war on the people of Syria instead. I can't believe the army and air force are still fighting for him.

But, the fight to Free Syria ended a long time ago and became all about territory and control.

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To me, this war on stones and destroying statues shows a level of immaturity and impulse control- they can't trust their own people not to worship idols. It's like they think someone will see a statue and instantly begin to worship it.

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