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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Update #2
The ultrasound showed a "hyperechoic mass" containing "<1cc of fluid" which is "consistent with an infection."

I see the doctor tomorrow to talk about this, but I think it means the lump in my manboob is nothing to worry about. It is going down now, anyway, and no longer hurts.

The antibiotic is doing horrible things to my bum. I'm eating a lot of youhurt, but it's really hard to get full-fat non-diet yoghurt so I'm piling into the rather expensive Gippsland Dairy flavoured yoghurts (full fat, low sugar, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, fruit puree swirled in) trying to keep things under control. It's hell down there!

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I'm very glad to hear the results. It's about as definite as medical opinions ever get (they always leave themselves an "out") that yes, it was an infection.

As for yog(h)urt: Buy plain, unsweetened yogurt, and your favorite flavor(s) of jam or preserves. Then just add the jam to the yogurt when you eat it. I'm a bit surprised that they don't seem to sell old-fashioned yogurt, which is plain yogurt with jam in it, in Australia. It's very hard to find full-fat yogurt here (but very easy to find fat-free or 1%!), but the jam is usually made with sugar, unless it's sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup! Also, have you tried "Greek" yogurt? They drain off much of the whey, so the yogurt part itself is thicker and creamier, and absurdly high in protein. And it seems that the Greeks don't sweeten their fruit preserves with anything but sugar or honey.

Good news. :) Sorry about the inconvenience.

Glad to hear it!

have you tried just acidophilus tablets? I can't eat yoghurt but I take 3 of those a day when I'm on antibiotics and they seem to help keep things in balance! Good luck!

Good news! And the side effects could be worse; at least you don't have to deal with yeast infections in awkward places. :-)

I'm so glad this news is good! I'm sorry to hear about the dreadful side effects, but glad this is as bad as it gets this time around.

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