Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Die you filthy little biotic bastards

So I'm on antibiotics. Yesterday afternoon one of my manboobs became painful, and by last night there was a painful lump under the scar where the doctor removed all the not-quite-cancer manboob tissue in 2009.

This morning the lump was larger, more painful, and the pain had begun radiating toward my armpit. The doctor looked at my history, then examined at the left manboob (chest crater full of soft fat bastard fatty tissue) and then the right manboob ARGH DON'T PRESS SO HARD! before going:




"So how do you feel? Feverish? A little light-headed? A bit... achey?"

I nodded at all of these. She felt into my armpit, then she said



"Good, nothing there. Are you allergic to antibiotics? Good, you have an infection so I'm prescribing you some Apo-Cephalexin. Four times a day until YOU TAKE THEM ALL. Okay?" And then she said "But..."

So I also have a referral marked "Urgent" to go to a radiology lab to get me some sweet sweet unltrasounding "for diagnostic purposes only to rule out suspicious lesions" on Monday, and I am to try all the local pathology labs until I can find someone who can fit my in on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, otherwise I am to go to the Base Hospital Radiology Department (Not ER) to see if they can do it.

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