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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Die you filthy little biotic bastards
So I'm on antibiotics. Yesterday afternoon one of my manboobs became painful, and by last night there was a painful lump under the scar where the doctor removed all the not-quite-cancer manboob tissue in 2009.

This morning the lump was larger, more painful, and the pain had begun radiating toward my armpit. The doctor looked at my history, then examined at the left manboob (chest crater full of soft fat bastard fatty tissue) and then the right manboob ARGH DON'T PRESS SO HARD! before going:




"So how do you feel? Feverish? A little light-headed? A bit... achey?"

I nodded at all of these. She felt into my armpit, then she said



"Good, nothing there. Are you allergic to antibiotics? Good, you have an infection so I'm prescribing you some Apo-Cephalexin. Four times a day until YOU TAKE THEM ALL. Okay?" And then she said "But..."

So I also have a referral marked "Urgent" to go to a radiology lab to get me some sweet sweet unltrasounding "for diagnostic purposes only to rule out suspicious lesions" on Monday, and I am to try all the local pathology labs until I can find someone who can fit my in on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, otherwise I am to go to the Base Hospital Radiology Department (Not ER) to see if they can do it.

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Crossing all fingers and toes, wishing that the antibiotics do their job quickly and thoroughly and that everything else comes up as "False alarm, sorry for the inconvenience."

It's not as painful today, and lump has reduced. I will keep taking that Die You Filthy Bacteria Bastards anyway, just to make sure.

St Otter sends you Good Wishes.

It worked for my boobs, so why not yours?

My manboobs let me down once. They better not do it again.

Thanks, St Otter.

Given the sudden onset, and the description that perfectly matches a simple bacterial infection, they're only doing ultrasound and pathology and stuff like that to cover their own asses. The likelihood of it being a recurrence of the not-quite-cancer is very low, but they want to make sure nobody sues them for malpractice. I daresay that the infection will be gone by the time you get the lab tests done. Then they'd better apologize for wasting your time...

Edited at 2015-07-18 11:40 am (UTC)

The pain has already reduced and the swelling is down. But it's not gone.

And I've already started eating yoghurt for the gut issues caused by the antibiotic.

Leave a time gap of at least two hours (either way) between taking the antibiotic and eating the yogurt, otherwise the antibiotic will simply kill the beneficial bacteria on the spot :-(

Hi -- back on Livejournal after a prolonged absence, and catching up on folks' entries.

I'm sorry you're dealing with a manboob infection and I hope the antibiotics do the trick, and nothing else is a problem. After you're done with this course of cephalexin, I recommend eating some yoghurt every day for a while to, uh, reset the digestive system.

I've already started on the yoghurt in the hopes that it will moderate the gut flora problem. I'm already having Troubles down there.

(Deleted comment)
Good wishes etc from way up north and across the pond!

Edited at 2015-07-19 03:20 pm (UTC)

I might be just guessing but it sounds like the antibiotics are having an effect. Hope the recovery is swift, but above all that it is complete and total. I agree - "Die you filthy little biotic bastards!"

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