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Den's Journal

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Not the Confederate Flag
Found stuff

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(Giggling away madly here)

I hope this guy does a series on the Aussie flag...
...I have a sorry feeling that ours may not last for much longer.

Has he covered the fact that Hawaii retains the Union Jack despite it's admission into the USA? XD

Aww... Hawaii hardly got a mention. :(

I'm so tired of it. I lived in the "real" South, as in Louisiana, North Carolina and Texas for a total of about eight years, and the Dixie-pride shit made me ill. And when I go back to my native southern Illinois, which has devolved into a sort of country music/South-indentifying area in recent decades, there's the same bullshit. Basically, it's long been a racist, anti-integration symbol for 150 years. I'm glad there's been a particular event that's triggered a demand to get it out of public places, out of stores, and hopefully out of my line of sight.

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