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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Duna System Explorer in low Ike orbit to perform a resource survey, about to lose solar power when the sun is eclipsed by Duna.


I'm still using v1.0. I should update to the latest version so I can START AGAIN!

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Prepare for a learning curve; heating and aerodynamics have changed substantially in the post-1.0 updates.

What mods are you using?

The only mods I have are Kerbal Alarm, Kerbal Engineer, and Stage Recovery. All parts are stock.

I've been practicing aerobraking and re-entry with heat shields, drogues and chutes.

You can't re-enter pointy end first. Bad things happen.

I'm a long way off building space stations.

One set in orbit, can a KSP space station serve as a refueling depot?

You can use a station as a depot, but you need to be reliable at docking maneuvers.

Alt+right click on the tanks you want to transfer between, and you get IN and OUT buttons. You'll have to schedule regular tanker flights to the station to keep it full for missions

I need to get my station into a higher orbit, and I'll be leaving some empty tanks there for this purpose.

Sounds good. Next time we meet up I wanna watch.

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