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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Another hybrid!
VW Golf GTE arrives | Fully Charged

I would own this.

"Good Morning Den,

Thank you for your recent email enquiry.

At this stage we do not have information as to when and if the Golf GTE will be available in the Australia Market.

Please keep an eye out on our website www.volkswagen.com.au for future model updates.

Kind regards,

Trina Fiso
Customer Care Frontline Advisor

24 Muir Road
Chullora NSW 2190

Regents Park Business Centre
PO Box 414
Regents Park NSW 2143

Main: 1800 607 822 | Fax: +61 2 9742 7294"

Well... bugger.

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I've had three VW Jettas in succession, and I've still got the most recent one - it's a 1999 (well, sort of a 98 1//2, because they made a lot of changes in the middle of the model year). It's got a few dents (only one of which was my fault), the paint is definitely showing its age, the shifter takes a bit of finesse (of course it's a stick shift!), and it has the usual assortment of minor quirks, but it still runs quite well.

But I may just pretend I'm going to buy a new car, and see if any of the VW dealerships nearby will let me have a test drive in one of these. (*goes to VW website*)

Damn. All they have is an "e-Golf", entirely electric, gets up to 83 miles per charge - which means I can't go more than 41 miles from home :-(

Electric is good if you do 100% of your driving around town. I need something that will get me 400km to Sydney, like a Tesla.

Even a Tesla is no good if your charge will do 400km, and you need to go to a suburb on the far side of Sydney at 425km. Yes, you stop for lunch and charge a little, but really...

Hybrids and "Dual-Fuel" (CNG and/or Gasoline or Diesel) cars and light trucks are about the only proper solution to the 'One car to do it all' problem.

The batteries run dry and the little engine cuts in, or you run out of CNG and it just switches to gasoline, and it keeps going. No drama, no panic, no hand-wringing, no calling for a tow.

If you have the money for two cars (a City Car and a Distance Car) cost is probably not an issue...

The VW GTE is a petrol hybrid, like you describe. It plugs in to recharge, so you can do short runs around town, then drive to Sydney at ~100mpg without worrying about charge.

We have the same problem in Canada.

We bought a 2008 VW Eos, but we really wanted the TDI version. Unfortunately the TDI was only available in Europe. :/

I really wanted to buy the 2 litre petrol turbo Ford Mondeo TDCi with the 6 speed manual box, but Ford Australia decided we only wanted auto boxes on the diesel or the 2.5l non-tubo petrol models here.

So I didn't buy a Mondeo.

I may have to import the Golf GTE myself. When I have bags of money, of course.

It's amazing how many doors "bags of money" will open for you!

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