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Posting for the sake of posting. Nothing to say. Maybe I should post this on facebook.

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You just need to get yourself one of these...


Nah, those are just instant gratification for a few seconds.

You need something that lasts ...

Just commenting for the sake of commenting... just to let you know I was reading.


I think I need to try new beers.

Got yer cure right here then...

Since LJ hates dropbox today: Here...


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Re: Got yer cure right here then...

OOoooh yeah!

Re: Got yer cure right here then...

Only 10% ABV, toddler's milk for you Aussie blokes :)

Re: Got yer cure right here then...

It's not always the ABV. Some really nice brews have very low %

Facebook is where you receive "likes" from the 75% of online individuals you barely know, and the 25% of friends who you're only on Facebook because it's the only way you can keep in touch with them.

LiveJournal is where your real online friends all are.

Replying for the sake of replying.

Just be thankful you don't have to defrag everything in sight. :)

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